About Hash

I am a Helsinki-based professional photographer and have been helping businesses in various industries for many years. I grew up in London and Finland is now home.

Having honed my skills over 30 years in photography, design, and marketing through the various clients and experiences I have had, I can provide a tailored and personal approach to your food photography.

I was working as an interior and architectural photographer with a graphic design background. This provides me with the unique skills that restaurant owners and chefs command.

Additionally, I have co-founded a digital marketing agency that focuses on the food and drinks industry. This allows me insights that I can use in your business that can leverage your brand across a wide media arena.

Food brands and restaurants deserve quality imagery to build on their dreams of running a successful business. With that, food has now taken over my many passions, and want to provide chefs, restaurants, and brands high-quality photography, without the frustrations they would encounter with amateur photographers.

Minimal client effort and my obsessive nature in precision and food beauty can represent your brand, and the experience your patrons will encounter in a unified way.

If you want a seasoned professional and strategic partner, delivering way more than just an image, I am the person you should be talking to. Even if you don’t use me, create gorgeous images your brand deserves and you’ll be well on your way.