hash varsani bw

About the original Hashtag.

I sent my first email in 90’s when I was still at school in London. I had a Facebook account when others where still figuring out what to do with the internet. I have grown up and am living, in the biggest cultural shift we have known so far.


Ever since it was called the Information Super Highway, I have been designing, developing and tinkering with websites. Driven by this and many mistakes along the way, my entrepreneurial hunger led me to quit my job as a digital imaging consultant to go out on my own.


Now I solve people’s problems in business, strategy and exposure. I can help you sleep well at night and generate revenue for your business. Sometimes at the same time. I don’t do 9-5 and I still work smarter than most.


I have a love of typography, photography and design, all things tech and how we communicate, a passion for food, jazz and look after myself in health and mind, by being self aware and conscious.


I live & work in wonderful Helsinki, about 10 mins east of the centre. When I’m not behind my desk, I pursue an active and mindful life of exercise, cooking amazing meals for friends and family, and hanging out with my kids. I get to wake up before sunrise and walk along the sea.


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