Portrait of Hash Varsani

About the original hashtag

I sent my first email back in the ’90s while I was still in school in London. I had a Facebook account before many even knew what social media was. Growing up through the biggest cultural shift we’ve experienced so far has shaped who I am today.

Since the days when it was called the Information Super Highway, I’ve been designing, developing, and experimenting with websites. This passion, along with learning from many mistakes, fueled my entrepreneurial spirit. I eventually left my job as a digital imaging consultant to forge my own path.

Now, I specialize in solving business challenges related to strategy and visibility, helping you sleep better at night by generating revenue for your business or your clients. And I do it all without adhering to the typical 9-to-5 schedule, working smarter and more efficiently.

I have a deep love for typography, photography, and design. I’m passionate about technology and communication, food, jazz, and maintaining my health and well-being through self-awareness and mindfulness.

I live and work in beautiful Helsinki, just 10 minutes east of the city center. When I’m not at my desk, I lead an active and mindful life, exercising, cooking delicious meals for friends and family, and spending quality time with my daughter. I enjoy waking up before sunrise to walk along the sea.

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